About Us

Here at Hold'R™, we are a small startup family business.
Hello, my name is Teri! I have worked all my life and I am reaching retirement age without yet having accomplished my dreams. I decided to face my fears and take the plunge into creating Hold'R to feature the product that I created with the help of my son, a wig rack.

I love wearing wigs and have been wearing them for many years, but through all these years I could never find a storage solution dedicated to wigs that wouldn't take up a bunch of space by using mannequin heads, that wouldn't get tangled and ruined by either laying them around or stuffing them in bags, and that I didn't have to DIY something.

I am blessed to be able to provide the world with the first solution to this problem that I know millions of people are having! I wanted to create a wig storage solution that would allow those that have multiple wigs a place to keep everything neat and organized by utilizing a bedroom or closet door or even a wall.

A big factor that I really wanted and was able to make happen was to make the rack out of super heavy-duty steel to ensure the highest quality material is presented to everyone so that they don't have to worry about the rack breaking, being flimsy, or causing frustration. The heavy-duty rack allows for very minimal movement when opening and closing the door so that you don't have to worry about the wigs slipping off and ultimately getting ruined.

Though Hold'R was originally created for wigs, we realized that the head-shaped holders can also be used to hang hats, headbands, scarves, neckties, and even necklaces and chains as well! It made me very excited to see that this product can solve multiple problems in one.

I hope you can join me in making life better and less stressful by finally having a solution for wig lovers, hat enthusiasts, and more!