Organize your closet with Hold'R

A headwear and fashion accessory holding rack

What is Hold'R

Hold'R™ is a door or wall hanging rack for your headwear items and fashion accessories. Hang, organize, and store anything from hats, beanies and wigs to scarves, headbands and bags.

We believe in high quality materials to preserve your valuables

  • Problem Solver

    You can experience a breath of fresh air in your organized room and save shelf or closet space for other essentials. No longer having to deal with mannequin heads causing clutter, shoving your wigs in storage bags still unorganized and tangled, or leaving hair lying around. Each headpiece can hold up to 8 stacked hats, allowing for greater storage quantity.

  • Trusted Design

    We wanted to make sure you feel confident you are receiving the best product to take care of your belongings with this mindfully crafted, premium high quality heavy duty epoxy coated steel rack featuring 12 welded headpieces, strong enough to hold heavy purses, bags and much more.

  • Stress Free

    Less worry about your purchase with a 30-day money back gaurantee and free shipping

Improper ways to store wigs

•Laying wigs on a shelf can cause tangles and damages

•The shape of a shoebox does not allow for the wig to be stored in a natural position, which can cause it to become misshapen over time

•Using mannequin heads are not space-efficient

•Wigs can become tangled or damaged by rubbing against the rough surface of a bag

Proper way to protect your precious hair investments

•Hold'R gives wigs a proper support, which can help to avoid tangling or damaging the wig

•Multiple holders allow for organizing multiple wigs in an efficient manner, so you can easily access the wig you need

•A wig rack allows for proper ventilation which will help prevent odors and mustiness from developing

•Allows the wig to be stored in a natural position, which can help prevent it from becoming misshapen over time

You'll love Hold'R just as much as we do

  • "Finally a space saving holder for my wigs! I no longer have to have a bunch of mannequin heads around!"

    -Tanisha T

  • "I've tried multiple different racks and this one is by far the best. It's not made out of cheap plastic like all the others and it does everything I need it to"

    -Deja R

  • "The rack is high quality and works very well, and I couldn't be happier with it."

    -Eusebio C

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Hold'R in action